Become a Sherbets Minicabs Driver

Would I Be Self-Employed?

Yes. All Sherbets Minicabs drivers are classed as self-employed.

Will I Need My Own Vehicle?

Yes, however, we can provide a reliable vehicle supplier. Sherbets Minicabs can orchestrate the rental of a suitable vehicle for you, which you can also make use of in your private life, for the duration of your service with our company.

Will I Need Experience?

You do not necessarily require experience of driving a private hire vehicle. If you are ambitious, dependable, have a good awareness of Kent and South East London, and can speak good English, we are happy to consider your application to become a Sherbets Minicabs driver. You will, however, require a Transport for London private hire licence (previously acknowledged as a PCO licence) to work for Sherbets Minicabs.

Loose knowledge of roads and map reading is helpful in this industry, as a sat nav will only take you so far, in our experience.

What Kind of Training Will I Get?

Sherbets Minicabs has a driver training team who will ensure that you have the information and training you need. You will be adequately supported by your team manager throughout your time with Sherbets Minicabs.

How Much Can I Earn?

The response to this topic is that your income is entirely in your own hands. The more hours you work, the more journeys you complete, and the more cash you earn.

Am I Paid Cash for Each Journey?

There are two kinds of bookings;

  • The bulk of our work is cash bookings. For these kinds of journeys, the passenger pays you directly, in cash, when you have finished the run. These jobs are helpful to top up your cash flow.
  • The second is a priority service for account-based bookings. For these trips, you will not get cash from the customer, but will, however, be paid weekly, directly into your specified bank account.
Do I Need to Pay for My Fuel?

Yes, the driver must always guarantee that their vehicle contains sufficient fuel to finish each journey.

What Do I Need to Become a Sherbets Minicabs Driver?

Before beginning work with Sherbets Minicabs, you will provide us with your driving licence (both parts or online authority to view paper part), your TPH license (both parts), two forms of identification proving your current address, your car’s MOT certificate, passport-size photos of yourself, a certificate of hire and reward insurance, and your vehicle’s V5.

When Can I Start Work?

Call 0333 210 0031 or 01322 555222 and talk to one of our team.

How Much Will I Pay Sherbets Minicabs?

Sherbets Minicabs charges a weekly rent payment based on the number of shifts worked. These charges are ordinarily set every two to three years. Please call to get the current prices.

Gaining a PHV Licence

To qualify for a PHV licence, your vehicle has to satisfy the following age criteria:

  • All new vehicles, or vehicles new to licensing, must be no older than five years.
  • Vehicles that are already licensed must be no older than 10 years at the time of licensing.
  • From 1st January 2018, all PHVs licensed for the first time must have a Euro 6 petrol or diesel engine, or a Euro 4 petrol-hybrid engine in order to meet the new emission requirements.

Please note that there are certain exemptions from the criteria listed above.

Booking a Vehicle Inspection

You need to make a booking to have your vehicle inspected. When you take your vehicle in, you will need to present the following original documents:

  1. Existing PHV Vehicle Licence (If Applicable)
  2. V5c DVLA Vehicle Registration Certificate
  3. Insurance Documents
  4. MOT Certificate Dispensed within the Last 14 Days
  5. Vehicle Modification Documents
  6. All Other Relevant Documentation Relating to the Vehicle, Where Appropriate, Such as Voluntary Individual Vehicle Approval (VIVA)

Contact us now, in Bexley, Kent, if you are interested in becoming a taxi driver at Sherbets Minicabs.